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From Left Lane Cruiser’s new studio album “Rock Them Back To Hell!” (out on CD, Vinyl & Digital Sep. 17, 2013 through Alive Naturalsound Records).

Left Lane Cruiser’s Freddy J IV and Brenn Beck are back with an album of voodoo hillbilly punk-blues. Recorded in Fort Wayne IN, and mixed in Detroit by renown producer/engineer Jim Diamond, “Rock Them Back To Hell!” sees the duo expanding their sonic palette by adding bass, harmonica, organ and “trash percussion” (that would be a cardboard box, a paint tin, trash can and an electrified five-gallon bucket). The result is an album to wake up the dead, and rock it back to hell! The “hell-billies” cover art is the work of renowned artist William Stout (Return Of The Living Dead, Invaders From Mars, Pan’s Labyrinth).

01 Zombie Blocked
02 Electrify
03 Neighborhood
04 Juice To Get Loose
05 Overtaken
06 Be So Fine
07 Jukebox
08 Coley
09 Paralyze Ya
10 Righteous


“As soon as the opening riff kicks in, you know that Left Lane Cruiser isn’t a traditional country blues band. The Indiana duo might well have influences from the Mississippi area, but what they do with them is fresh and coruscating.” - CLASSIC ROCK / UK

If Robert Johnson took a midnight stroll to meet the devil at the crossroads and exchange his soul for the blues, this collaboration between punk-blues label-mates Left Lane Cruiser and James Leg sounds like they’ve got a direct line to the fiery pits of hell. – HAPPENING MAGAZINE

Two blues rock duos, Left Lane Cruiser from Fort Wayne, IN and James Leg from Nashville, meet up in Detroit and, with some help from Harmonica Shah, record a set of covers by the likes of Led Zeppelin , Robert Johnson , Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix. Muddy but not sloppy, fierce but somewhat respectful of its sources, its subtleties are loud and lived-in as they exceed the speed limit on the expressway to your heart. Blues as attitude more than ritual, this oneoff provides the relief its title promises. – ROCK & RAP CONFIDENTIAL

“Left Lane Cruiser may be from Fort Wayne, IN but they sound like a couple of unhinged punk hillbillies raised on the North Mississippi hill country blues of R.L. Burnside and Junior Kimbrough. They mine the same sort of modal blues territory but, with half-distorted vocals pushed through what sounds like a shorted-out karaoke mike, they also sound like a lo-fi swampy version of the Stooges, all full of rampaging impatience. This isn’t a band much concerned with evolving its sound. That’s a good thing, because they make a hell of a lot of noise and pretty much mow through every song with real rock fervor. Junkyard Speed Ball is another fine outing from a refreshingly direct and uncomplicated band that rocks like a jackhammer.” – ALL MUSIC

“…the most filthy, greaseball, gritty, blues rock I’ve come across since early Black Keys’ stuff.” – MUSIC SAVAGE

“… a filthy sounding slab of corn-punk blues, a rhythmic and greasy scrap heap of groove and buckshot barrel loaded raceway boogie. [But] what’s most important, is that Left Lane Cruiser is a Soul band. As informed by Mississippi, they’ve got a little Memphis in ‘em as well. And, of course, as befits the name, a thousand or more miles of gravel in the headlights and in the rearview mirror. We can’t recommend ‘em highly enough.” – BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN

“Fort Wayne’s fave greasy-fingered duo, Left Lane Cruiser, is back with their latest offering, Junkyard Speed Ball. Recorded in Detroit by the nearing-legendary Jim Diamond, the record’s first single, Giving Tree, is bound to give some longtime fans agida. Seems the duo’s manic turkey-on-meth-in-the-straw M.O. has been replaced in spots by down-low blues that can only be described as a tad more gutshot than their typical fare. Glad to report that this gamble pays off in spades, thanks at least in part to the personage and organ stroking skillz of Reverend James Leg of the Black Diamond Heavies.” - MY OLD KENTUCKY BLOG

[5 out of 5] “Left Lane Cruiser’s music, as expected, remains true to the formula that has worked so well for them since their inception in 2004 — a mighty signature sound of dirty, aggressive blues and foot-stompin’ alt-country. Junkyard Speed Ball makes for the two-piece powerhouse’s fourth full-length album, featuring twelve searing new songs, all of which make it pretty darn clear that these two good ol’ boys ain’t quitting anytime soon. Left Lane Cruiser is in its prime.” - EXAMINER / NO DEPRESSION

“Like the young Black Keys and White Stripes — they deliver a sonic post-punk punch to the bread-basket” – ELSEWHERE NEW ZEALAND

“On their album Junkyard Speed Ball ferocious trash-blues stompers Left Lane Cruiser effortlessly mix southern-fried blues, garage and brutal punk riffs into one glorious whiskey and gasoline soaked whole. Great stuff.” - MAD MACKEREL UK

“One of my favorite garage punk blues bands” - LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES

“Left Lane Cruiser is a two-piece deep blues act blending high energy hark rock and punk with obvious North Mississippi hill country roots. Rather than stick to standard 12-bar blues conventions, Left Lane Cruiser’s sound has obvious blues roots while taking a sledgehammer to standard 12-bar blues. LLC is loud, brash, trashy and entirely refreshing.” – THE BOSTON BLUES SOCIETY



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Pavement PR
p: 262.903.7775
e: bonyata@wi.rr.com

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Woodkid - Run Boy Run (Official Video HD)

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This idea and the idea of the semantic web by Berners-Lee are the most forward I have ever read (apart from a few very old philosophy essays).

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Mickey Mouse in Vietnam

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Sehr geil!

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